Sunday, 29 July 2012

The View From Up Here: The Good and the Bad

I have really been wanting to post more lately, but the past few days have been packed full. I have especially been wanting to share my passion for Pinterest, however seeing that I am "working" right now, it is blocked so alas that post shall have to wait. This is also the reason this post will sadly be photo-less. :(
I've been busy lately, but loving it because Folk Fest is happening! It's my very first Folk Fest, and I now realize how much I've been missing out in not going the past 18 years of my life... 
Folk Fest is all the awesomeness of summer packed into 4 days. Warm sunny days, in a beautiful park, snacking on fresh fruit and  other delicious foods from a large selection of food trucks (ps Salted Caramel gelato from Fiasco is DIVINE), listening to great music, shopping in outdoor markets, wearing summery hats, throwing frisbees etc etc.

For a while I have been feeling down because:

  • Work (gift shop at Calgary Tower) is not always a rewarding experience and takes up a great deal of my time
  • I crashed my bike and BROKE MY BASKET ALONG WITH MY HEART :( (and got rather beat up in the process)
  • I am lacking my regular fitness routine which for me guarantees discontent
  • I am also lacking art, and NEED TO MAKE MORE. (But my studio is a disaster zone.) 
HOWEVER there is good in the world! And today I am finally noticing it, about time...

  • I am somewhat enjoying work today. The customers are friendly for once (not counting one in particular who acted very threatening when I told her we did not sell stamps) and I realized how awesome of a view I have working 525 feet up in the air...
  • I get to go to Folk Fest again tonight!
  • I have full intentions on buying kettle corn from the "Lazy Dog" lemonade booth tonight. This has been on my list for a while. If you have never tried it, dude, it is amazing.
  • I am wearing my most recent purchase of a silk scarf, a souvenir from Folk Fest costing me a whopping $2. And I look darn cute.
  • I plan on decorating my poor bike-basket with some flowers to make it (and me) feel better.
  • I am super stoked to start my WEEKLY CRAFT PROJECT (more to come about this later...)
  • THE OLYMPICS ARE HERE and that is great news.
So long story short, life is looking brighter.
When you think things are not going your way, fear not my friends. There is good out there too.

<3 Lari

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