Sunday, 12 August 2012

5 Things of Awesome

It's Sunday! Not that it really matters for me because my weekend never seems to fall on an actual weekend. But for the majority of the world, another week has passed. 

Here's what I thought was awesome this week!

1) This photo of a pretty gal riding her bike, found via Pinterest. I love riding my little townie bike! I strive to look like this whilst riding.

2) These shoes are as sweet as Caramel Sauce. From ModCloth

3) THIS PHOTO. (Chocolate+RoastedCherry+SaltedAlmondIce Cream via Petite KitchenesseMust try soon... I am on a bit of a wanting-to-make-homemade-ice-cream kick.

4)  THE CUTEST CAMPER EVER. Oh I so want a little retro trailer... to sell cupcakes or pie from. Found via Pinterest
5) This adorable little painting on the side of a house, with blue windows. I would do this.

This week has been pretty sweet, hope the next one will be too!
What do you think is awesome this week?

<3 Lari

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