Friday, 10 August 2012

Go Canada! Bronze Medal Peach Shortcake

I love olympics!
I also love soccer!
I also love Canada!
And I also love this peach shortcake recipe!

I was so excited when the Canadian Women's Soccer team won bronze, that I did a fist pump into the air. The only problem is that I was running on my treadmill in my low-ceilinged-basement when it happened, and forgot how close to the ceiling I really was. I may have made a small dent... I probably looked like a maniac, laughing and crying with joy as small white plaster ceiling bits showered over me, all whilst still running on the treadmill.

 Their medal winning performance deserved a suitable dessert! It also helped that I had many peaches in my fridge begging to be turned into something glorious. And what a glorious dessert this was!
Butterscotch Assault.
I followed the recipe, and it was divine. The only change I made was to cut the biscuits into maple leaf shapes in celebration of Canada's epic win! I also did not peel the peaches for the peach slices... because I am lazy. Also the red looks pretty. Also, who would want to waste any part of a perfect peach? And the homemade butterscotch sauce just ties everything together wonderfully.

<3 Lari

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