Sunday, 26 August 2012

My Week with Instagram

GRAND NEWS! I am now the proud owner of an iPhone! I must say, I am rather stoked beyond words about this. I have been wanting one of these fancy-pants mobile devices for quite some time now. And recently, as I have been seeing more and more people posting their Instagram photos, I have been wanting Instagram more and MORE! It came to the point where 50% of the reason I wanted an iPhone was to have Instagram.
Out on a Saturday morning run

BUT NOW I DO! Yes, just this past Wednesday, I got Instagram. It is a special day in the Life of Larissa. Mark your calendars.

Instagram/iPhone photos in general are so great because it gives you the chance to capture moments of your everyday life, and share them with your friends. The photos are often photos I wouldn't normally have, because I would not normally have my camera with me! Such as whilst on a morning jog, and the world just looks to beautiful to leave un-photographed.

So, new feature: My Week with Instagram! Just so I can look back on the little things that made me smile each day. (This one's a little short, seeing as I have only had Instagram since Wednesday. But I am eager.)

Christina cutting the Oreo Birthday Cake I made for her

Recipe to come soon? Hopefully

Bananas Foster dessert from Murrieta's

SWEET LORD THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER. All that sauce on the bottom? Caramelly, Rummy and Yummy.

The Cookie Monster, strolling along 9th Avenue

Later I saw him chasing after two cookies. No lies.

A runner. That is I.

I have been trying to get more runs in lately. Especially because SAIT Cross Country starts up again VERY soon! And I will be running nearly 6 days a week... oh boy


The Sunday sun, setting over the city, AKA my view from the workplace. Yep, this definitely makes work a little awesome.

Hope you also had a lovely week... the last full week of August! WOW

<3 Lari


  1. Larissa! I love you! I have decided you have to forever write this blog so that I can enjoy it forever.

    PS your cheese soufflé YUM! Can you just bring one for me ;)
    PPS I also love Julia Child, and her Boeuf Bourguignon is my fav to make!

  2. HAHA! Yes! Awe, you are the best, I shall continue my efforts to write!
    I am super glad that you enjoy it :D
    Isn't she just the greatest??